PEMF Therapy

What Is PEMF?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy (also known as cellular exercise) uses safe electromagnetic pulses that energize the cells within the body to stimulate its own natural healing processes. 

What Does It Do?

PEMF mimics the natural frequencies encountered in nature to help regulate the internal cellular environment. 

In chronic illness or disease, your cells are losing energy potential. If you think of it like charging a battery - PEMF generates very small micro currents that re-energize your cells allowing your cells to function optimally. 

How Does It Help?

PEMF helps to support healing of damaged and inflamed tissues, reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation, increases circulation and cellular levels of oxygen, and aids in supporting general muscular and nervous system health. All with only a few minutes of therapy!

Learn More About PEMF

The Strive for Great Health Podcast Episode 14 - Cellular Exercise contains everything you need to know about Cellular Exercise.