With PEMF Therapy

Also known as Cellular Exercise or Magnetic Cellular Exercise


PEMF Therapy uses Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) to produce safe, electromagnetic pulses that energize the cells of the body and stimulate its own natural healing process to improve health without side effects. PEMF therapy brings cells back into electrical balance leading to increased nutrient circulation and oxygen flow which optimizes cells for the work they must do. Our Earth has a magnetic field that fluctuates, and this pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) is an integral component for life. The Earth’s PEMF acts as a guidance system for planes, birds, bees and other animals. In fact, many researchers refer to PEMFs as “The Fifth Element” along with food, water, oxygen and sleep; PEMF is essential for survival and optimal functioning.  Unfortunately, the Earth’s magnetic field is weakening, and some research suggests that it is almost 100 times less powerful than it was during the time of dinosaurs. Each cell in the body vibrates at a certain frequency. Using appropriate frequencies, electromagnetic impulses can stimulate a variety of cellular functions. However, only a specific range of electromagnetic frequencies are accepted by the body (the biological window). PEMF mimics the frequencies encountered in nature which are readily accepted by the body. One function of the cell membrane is to regulate the environment inside the cell. This is achieved through allowing water, nutrients, and elements to enter or leave the inside of the cell.  One way the cell membrane achieves selective “permeability” is through the establishment of a membrane potential (difference in charge between the inside of the cell and the outside). In chronic illness or disease, the membrane potential is reduced, PEMF normalizes membrane potentials. Conceptually, PEMF therapy is like charging a battery. PEMF generates very small microcurrents that re-energize cells; this allows cells to function optimally. Healing, rejuvenation, and repair are the principles of PEMF therapy. PEMF can promote or increase circulation, blood oxygenation, oxygen and carbon dioxide diffusion, alkalization, cellular function and repair, endorphins, serotonin, cellular hydration, bone healing, tendon repair, flexibility, range of motion, stamina, endurance, strength, and re-growth of neurological tissue. PEMF may decrease pain, stiffness, swelling, inflammation, edema, spasms, and muscle strains.  We have partnered with the impeccable Serente Spa to provide PEMF in a world-class, relaxing enviornment.

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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) Device utilizes a magnetic field consistent with the Earth’s natural frequencies. This helps to restore restricted ion flow and stimulates the body’s regeneration process.

Dr. Richard Harris

100% Unharmful Technology

Great Health and Wellness uses a non-invasive technology known as “pulsed electromagnetic field therapy” (PEMF) which has been in use for decades for medical and neurological applications. The electromagnetic fields used in PEMF are complementary to the chemistry of the body, which makes it the safest and most natural way to support healing.

General Benefits

PEMF helps to support healing of damaged and inflamed tissues, reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation, increases circulation and cellular levels of oxygen, and aids in supporting general muscular and nervous system health.



Theoretically, wounds, bone fractures, any area of chronic injury and pain can be a viable target for PEMF therapy.

 PAIN RELIEF Over 12,000 studies on PubMed and long term research by NASA show PEMF to be the most effective energy medicine device for pain relief for low back pain, headaches and migraine, neck pain and arthritis pain. PEMF helps with pain relief by increasing endorphins, reducing/interrupting the pain signals, and reducing inflammation.

 INFLAMMATION Chronic inflammation is a contributing factor to many disease states including neurological, cognitive and mood related problems. PEMF therapy has been shown in numerous studies to reduce inflammation and balance the immune system so the body can perform its natural healing processes.

 CIRCULATION PEMF is like a battery re-charger for the body. It improves our pulse and enhances circulation. This improves oxygenation and blood flow to extremities and organs as well as helping the body detoxify.

 ENERGY We are electromagnetic beings. Nothing happens in our bodies without an electromagnetic exchange. When our cells electromagnetic frequencies drop we experience a drop in cellular energy and functionality and this often translates into illness and fatigue. PEMF mats help normalize the cells frequencies, therefore, the energy and health of our cells and our bodies.

 INSOMNIA In a double blind study on PEMF for insomnia, 9 out of 10 participants experienced major improvement in their insomnia using PEMF therapy. Reducing inflammation and regulating energy and health at a cellular level are just two effects of PEMF that may be contributing to improvements in sleep.

 ACCELERATE RECOVERY Several studies assessing PEMF therapy for bone and tissue recovery have found that in many cases PEMF helped reduce average healing time from bone fractures and tissue wounds. Studies on astronauts have found that PEMF therapy reduced bone loss and muscle atrophy that are natural consequences to being outside the earth’s electromagnetic field.

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