Ketosis vs Ketogenesis

Most of our lives we’ve been told the primary source of energy for our bodies is sugar. However, there is a more efficient source of fuel that is rarely utilized: ketones.

When the body metabolizes fat it produces ketones, which are then used by cells to power their normal functions, this is called Ketogenesis. Ketosis is the metabolic state of having ketones in the blood, typically above 0.5mmol/L. The purpose of a ketogenic diet is to eat in such a way (high fat, adequate protein, low carb) that it induces your body into ketosis. Ketogenesis is effective, but hard to sustain due to dietary restrictions. Drinkable pure therapeutic ketones are a way for everyone to experience the myriad benefits of ketosis including improved performance, mental clarity, fat loss, and a better mood. The scientific community is constantly revealing the inner workings and potential applications of a ketogenic diet.



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Continue reading for more information on:

  • What are some of the benefits?
  • When to take ketones?
  • Why our bodies use ketones?
  • Desirable for fat loss?
  • What should I expect?

Mental Focus Benefits of Ketosis

An unbalanced nutrition plan can lead to lack of mental clarity, showing up as brain fog, having a hard time remembering important facts, or struggling to stay focused on tasks. Ketones improve the efficiency and energy levels of the mitochondria, which produce energy for cells of the body and brain. Eating healthy fats is essential. Every single cell in our body needs fat to function, especially our brain cells. The brain is the fattiest organ, comprised of over 60% fat and prefers fat for fuel.

Higher Ketone Levels: Especially in the morning or between meals, ketones boost your body into an effortless fat burning mode.

Physical Performance: Ketones before and during workouts give you energy and decrease need for oxygen.

Mental Focus: Ketones improve energy levels for brain cells, increasing mental output and sharpening focus.

Improved Overall Wellbeing: Ketones help you get into ketosis for benefits from enhanced well-being, to disease prevention and longevity.

What are some of the benefits?

Exogenous ketones offers a delicious on-the-go ketone fuel source that delivers low carbohydrate fuel for your mind and body. Just mix in water and you have a delicious, refreshing beverage that helps you feel better, think more clearly, and perform at higher levels.

Ketones are for anyone looking to manage their weight, maximize cognition, or simply feel more energetic in a low carbohydrate environment.

It’s perfect for busy professionals, trainers, or even on-the-go moms and dads who want to look and feel their best.

When to Take Ketones

In the morning or between meals for a sustained energy boost.

Before or during exercise to help boost energy. Ketones are a safe and effective pre or intraworkout supplement.

After eating a meal that knocks you out of ketosis (eg. high carbs) to transition yourself back into ketosis.

Why Our Bodies Use Ketones?

Humans have always relied on ketones for energy when glucose sources were scarce (i.e. no fruits available during winter). It is a normal state of metabolism. In fact, most babies are born in a state of ketosis. However, with abundant sources of carbohydrate, people rarely access ketosis and it becomes a dormant metabolic pathway. Our ancestors likely had frequent periods of time when high carbohydrate food wasn’t immediately available. For this reason, our bodies are amazing at adapting to burning of ketones for fuel.

Desirable for fat loss for the following reasons1,2

Increased Fat Oxidation: In ketosis, your body burns dietary fat and your own body fat as its primary source of fuel.

Hormone Regulation: Ketosis can help sustain fat loss by regulating hormones that affect body fat and lean muscle mass. That means eating a ketogenic nutrition plan can help you avoid cravings for unhealthy foods, reducing the chance of gaining body fat.

Appetite Suppression: Feeling full, even on a fat loss nutrition plan means you can better listen to your body’s true hunger signals.

Blood Sugar Regulation: Fat loss nutrition plans that include high carbohydrates can create blood sugar spikes that leave you feeling hungry again soon after eating—as well as tired and unfocused.

What should I expect?

Ketones can be an excellent tool when your main goal is to fat loss and obtain optimal overall health — in an easy and natural way. We like to say ketones can be taken from the womb to the tomb. Everyone’s experience is different. It has helped hundreds of thousands of people lose fat, while gaining greater mental and physical performance, and maintaining energy from morning to bedtime. Aside for the treatment for conditions such as epilepsy, inflammation, neurological disease and diabetes2, patients who successfully transitioned into a ketogenic lifestyle experienced the most significant improvements in fat loss, physical output, and overall health markers.

We recommend starting with ¼ to ½ a packet mixed with a full glass of water for the first 1-2 weeks. Increase slowly as tolerated.  Some people take one packet a day, some people take as many as three based upon individual goals. Pay attention to your body and start to see where better shows up for you.


Ketosis by definition is when blood ketones reach 0.5 mmol/L. Ketogenesis is the process by which the body breaks down fats to make ketones for energy. There are three different types of “ketones” that your body runs on: Acetoacetate, beta-hydroxybutyrate, and acetone. Beta-hydroxybutyrate is the active form that can flow freely in the blood and be used by your tissues, so that is the one that most exogenous ketone supplements are based off. This can lead to a host of different health benefits.


Ketone esters are the raw ketone (in this case, beta-hydroxybutryate) that is not bound to any other compound. These exogenous ketones can be utilized a little quicker and potentially have a better effect at raising blood ketone levels as your body doesn’t have to cleave the BHB from any other compound, however, there are some trade off’s. Most users of traditional ketone esters claim that the taste is nearly unbearable. Also, gastric distress is a very common side effect.

Another form of exogenous ketone supplements come in the form of ketone “salts.” This is where the ketone body (again, typically beta-hydroxybutyrate) is bound to a salt — sodium, calcium, magnesium or potassium generally.

While ketone salts may not raise ketone levels as high as ketone esters, the taste is much more manageable and the potential diarrhea side effects are lessened to a great degree. For the majority of the population, this is the type of ketone supplement they should be looking for.

3. OILS MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil can be used to help boost ketones as well, however this is through an indirect pathway. Whereas beta-hydroxybutryate from ketone salts or esters can be immediately used for energy, MCT’s have to be shuttled to cells to be broken down into ketone bodies.


There are times when eating a fully ketogenic nutrition Plan is not realistic or desired. It can be very restrictive and difficult for a lot of people to follow.

Also, some people genetically cannot safely process a high fat nutrition plan. When initiating a ketogenic nutrition Plan there can be unwanted effects as your body transitions from burning carbs to efficiently burning fats for fuel. These include fatigue, low energy, and gastrointestinal stress. Exogenous ketones can bridge the gap between carb burning and fat burning states.

This is where exogenous ketone supplementation can be beneficial. If you’re a normal person but you’re generally following ketosis, there are often times when you eat certain foods or do certain things that kick you out of ketosis. If you eat too much protein or carbs, or drink alcohol. You can take exogenous ketones to get you back into ketosis instantly instead of waiting 2-3 days.

Exogenous ketones can also be used as an effective and safe pre-workout. Ketosis is also a muscle preserving (and even growth under the right conditions) state allowing athletes to push themselves to the limit.


When your body has demands of physical performance, there are a few different energy systems it can use. These require different types of fuel. If you have very explosive demands, such as sprints or quick movements, your energy should be coming from carbohydrates. This will come from stored glycogen. However, your body only has a certain amount of stored glycogen to use for explosive movements. When you run out of glycogen, your body can either make more, or start making energy from fat. Both of these processes are dependent on using oxygen for energy. However, when you take exogenous ketones, your body can use that energy immediately with a much lower oxygen utilization. This transfers especially well to endurance exercise, where a big limitation is the amount of oxygen that is available for energy throughout the exercise.


Your brain has a very tight barrier called the blood brain barrier that prevents unwanted materials from crossing into the brain easily. Because your brain uses 25% of the energy that your entire body uses throughout the day, you need to make sure it is fueled appropriately.

Glucose can’t cross the blood brain barrier directly, it needs carrier proteins to shuttle it across. Ever feel brain fog after a dense carbohydrate meal? That is the dip in energy and a ton of metabolic processes trying to shuttle glucose around your body. No one wants to feel mentally foggy, so good thing there are exogenous ketones. Ketones, however, are small enough to cross the blood brain barrier readily. This means you can have a constant supply of energy to the brain, with no other processing needed. If you’re not always in a state of ketosis, you won’t always have a supply of ketones to the brain. This is when you can take exogenous ketones. Think of one of the benefits of exogenous ketones as on demand brain fuel. If you need some mental energy, you can take exogenous ketones on an empty stomach and they will readily cross the blood brain barrier and be used as such. Many high performers, such as Tim Ferriss, use exogenous ketones for mental performance and many other benefits. As you can see, there are plenty of ways to use exogenous ketones for benefits.

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