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Dr. Richard Harris


Born in Cleveland, Ohio but raised in Houston, Texas, Dr. Richard E Harris II is a board-certified internal medicine physician and pharmacist.  Dr. Harris attended the University of Texas at Austin for pharmacy school then pursued medical education at the McGovern School of Medicine in Houston.  Dr. Harris completed his residency in Internal Medicine at UTMB in Galveston. After finishing residency, Dr. Harris worked for a large group in Houston but left that practice to pursue holistic medicine. Dr. Harris has a client-centric view focusing on building relationships and trust through a comprehensive lifestyle medicine system combined with genetic and micronutrient testing.  In his spare time, he is an avid reader, weight lifter, video game enthusiast, and author.  Dr. Harris also enjoys sports, traveling, philanthropy, church, and keto donuts.

Speaking inquiries

Dr. Richard Harris is one of today’s leading health and wellness speakers, well versed in such topic’s as mental wellness, health policymaking, physician patient care, patient advocates, fitness and nutrition. Dr. Harris works hand in hand with you and your organization to develop creative programming and provide customized speaker recommendations for each event. Whether you are planning a medical staff meeting, fundraiser, cancer awareness event, wellness initiative, or simply want to educate your audience on hot-button healthcare issues, Dr. Harris will guide you in putting together the perfect event.