About Dr. Harris
Great health is more than being free from illness - it is a dynamic process of change and growth. 

About Dr. Harris

Dr. Richard Harris knows that striving for great health and wellness is crucial to living a higher quality of life. As a successful internal medicine physician and pharmacist, Dr. Harris has the critical expertise to help you achieve your best health. 

The 'Double Doc' received his doctor of pharmacy from University of Texas at Austin (Hook ‘em!) and his medical degree from the McGovern School of Medicine.  Following his residency at UTMB, Dr. Harris worked for a large practice in Houston but ultimately left to pursue his goal of promoting holistic lifestyle medicine. 

Speaking Engagements

Dr. Harris is one of today’s leading health and wellness speakers, well versed in a range of health and wellness topics. Dr. Harris works hand in hand with you and your organization to develop creative programming and provide customized recommendations for each event. Whether you are planning a medical staff meeting, fundraiser, cancer awareness event, wellness initiative, or simply want to educate your audience on hot-button healthcare issues, Dr. Harris will guide you in putting together the perfect event.

What DR. Harris Does Best

Areas of Expertise

Highlighting the benefits of ketosis, how to get into and maintain ketosis; ancestral nutrition and how to eat for our genes
Tips on how to gain muscle, lose fat, why too much cardio and not enough weights may be hindering your goals & the benefits of regular exercise
Lifestyle Medicine
Everything we do in our daily lives adds to or subtracts from our health; ancestral health and how our lifestyle is not matched with our genes
Information on choosing high quality supplements, supplements to help with certain health states
Advocating for meditation, how to improve the quality of your sleep, holistic approaches to treat chronic illnesses and mental health
Health Coaching
Guiding clients on how to overcome adversity in their health, how to become an informed health consumer, how to build healthy habits.
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Media, Press & Engagements

The Veganish podcast
Dr. Harris discusses some of the benefits of a vegan nutrition plan.
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PharmD Unscripted podcast
Dr. Harris shares his journey from pharmacist to physician, nutrition tips and discusses the importance of men's health.
Never Walk Alone Foundation
As a panelist, Dr. Harris discussed health and wellness as it relates to those living with autoimmune diseases.
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Better Life Workshop
As part of the Better Life Workshop, Dr. Harris discusses how a ketogenic nutrition plan is beneficial to your health.
HTX Health & Wellness Conference
As a conference panelist, Dr. Harris discussed some of the best ways to heal and take care of your body.
KPRC Health
Dr. Harris discusses interesting drink combinations that will benefit your health.
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