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Strive for Great Health Podcast

– A Health, Wellness, and More Podcast – Welcome to a bimonthly podcast powered by the Double Doc, Dr. Richard Harris, M.D., Pharm.D. Dr. Harris is a board-certified pharmacist and internal medicine physician in Houston, Texas. Dr. Harris’ passion is to educate; his podcast focuses on research-based health and wellness information backed by the principles of functional medicine and the ancestral lifestyle. Dr. Harris motto is Strive for Great Health which sounds simple. However, there is a lot of conflicting information presented by so many so-called experts that people are confused about what is actually healthy. Pull up a chair, get comfy and listen to the Double Doc drop potent bits of information about what is actually in your best health interests and what you should be doing to achieve your health goals. Wellness to Dr. Harris is a holistic approach and as a partner in an educational consulting firm that specializes in curricula for social-emotional learning and mental fortitude, and a consultant for several start-up companies, the nature of the podcast will reflect Dr. Harris’ wide variety of interests and expertise. One of the episodes each month will feature Dr. Harris and a special guest as they discuss topics ranging from healthcare to technology to business to interesting perspectives.

We have just launched our page on EncourageXEncourageX is a platform designed to help each and everyone us breath life into others.  Health topics can be hard to give encouragement about.  I have written guides for each podcast to help you encourage someone going through those health issues.  I have also placed all my guides (fat loss, how to prepare for the next pandemic, nutrition, exercise, etc) on the website as well.  Joining Encouragex is a step towards encouraging your loved ones to Strive for Great Health!